Code of Ordinances

The Troup County Code of Ordinances are the local regulations and/or laws adopted by the Board of Commissioners to help govern the administration and activities of Troup County in order to help insure the safety, health, and general welfare of its citizens.

Click Here, for the entire Troup County Code of Ordinances.

The following quick links to some selected sections of the Troup County Code of Ordinances that may be pertinent to the Building Division are available for your convenience. If you have any questions about the Troup County Code of Ordinances, please call 706-883-1650 for more information.

Chapter 6 (Alcoholic Beverages)
Chapter 10 (Amusements & Entertainments)
Chapter 14 (Animals)
Chapter 18 (Buildings & Construction)
Chapter 22 (Cemeteries)
Chapter 34 (Environment)
Chapter 38 (Floods)
Chapter 43 (Impact Fees)
Chapter 46 (Manufactured Homes)
Chapter 50 (Occupational Licenses, Taxes & Regulations)
Chapter 58 (Planning)
Chapter 62 (Public Safety)
Chapter 66 (Roads, Streets & Other Public Places)
Chapter 70 (Solid Waste Disposal)
Chapter 78 (Utilities)
Appendix A (Troup County Zoning Ordinance)
Appendix B (Airport Zoning)
Appendix C (Subdivisions)
Appendix D (Quality Development Corridor Overlay)