Strategic Planning

The Troup County Center for Strategic Planning is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation organized to carry out initiatives for sustainable development in Troup County. Launched in 2009, the independent agency is responsible for the development of innovative strategies to promote quality growth, fostering healthy economic development, enhancing the quality of life of residents, and protecting Troup County’s natural environment, sense of place, and community.

The Center for Strategic Planning has worked to expand economic development recruitment to include Retail Recruitment; launch Troup Trained, a fast track training program that focuses on implementing necessary skills for unemployed individuals facing barriers being accepted into the workplace; and provide financial and human resources to support Circles for Troup County to help combat rising poverty rates. The organization has also partnered with Thinc College and Career Academy, OneSmartCookie, and HealthyTroup.

The County-wide leadership represented on the Strategic Planning Board has demonstrated a top-level commitment to work more in a coordinated manner for the benefit of the entire community. Board members have proven this with continued faithful attendance and commitment to the strategic planning process.