Roads & Engineering

The Roads and Engineering Department is responsible for paving and maintaining the roadways in Troup County in order to ensure safe traffic and pedestrian-friendly roads and walkways; design and management of civil construction projects; and enforcing the erosion, sedimentation and pollution control, storm water management and other environmental ordinances. The department’s mission is to vigorously defend the best interests of the citizens of Troup County in all aspects of civil engineering and infrastructure design, construction, and maintenance.

The Roads and Engineering Department offers services such as reviewing development plans and associated hydrology studies and inspecting new development prior to a Certificate of Occupancy and/or acceptance of County Roads and Infrastructure. All development within Troup County is designed by registered professional engineers and is reviewed by the engineering department for compliance with County standards and good engineering practices. Site construction work is checked for compliance with the approved plans and for quality workmanship, while in-house design of culvert replacements, intersection improvements, and street improvements are also common.