Property Appraisal

The Property Appraisal office works to provide the citizens of Troup County with the information necessary to understand our role in determining your property values. We work to professionally create a yearly tax listing (digest) in accordance with Georgia Law and in a fair and equitable manner that will promote and maintain confidence in all property valuations. We seek to ensure that our staff is trained and certified as required by Georgia Law, to deliver prompt and courteous service to the citizens of Troup County, and to assist you with any questions you may have.

Operating under the Georgia Revenue Codes, the Board of Assessors is responsible for the appraisal and assessment of all residential, commercial and personal property in Troup County. Property is appraised at 100% of its fair market value and assessed at 40% of that value. It is the duty of the county appraisal staff to make appraisals of the fair market value of all taxable property, maintain tax records and maps for the county, prepare annual assessments of taxable property, mail assessment notices, inspect mobile homes to determine if the proper decal is displayed, and provide information to the Georgia Department of Revenue as requested.