Information Technology

Troup County’s Department of Information Technology is an active core of communications which strives to connect County departments with each other and with residents throughout Troup County.

The Information Technology Department provides technical support and maintenance for computer services to all County departments and handles telephone/email support and maintenance. At Troup County, information technology technical support includes web programming, internet services, computer help desk support, and routine maintenance of servers, printers and all other computer components.

Since 2005, Troup County has contracted with the City of LaGrange to obtain IT services. With thanks to increased attention on information services, Troup County has brought all of its departments under a common network with Internet services provided by the City.

An enhanced web presence with a new and up-to-date website allows all Troup County citizens an increased convenience of conducting various County business online, including paying taxes, registering for Parks and Recreation activities, viewing/downloading building/zoning applications, checking court calendars and various hours of operations, etc. The enhanced system also links County employees via an interoffice email system.

Troup County’s new website provides pertinent information about each department and all County services along with public notices and schedules. Several dedicated employees commit their services to maintaining the County’s extensive information network.