Mental Health Court

The Mental Health Court program, a program offered by the Troup County Accountability Courts, is intended to promote mental health awareness and protect the community by identifying and providing help to offenders who are suffering from mental illness

The program was designed to help the offenders address and treat their mental illness, which results in an improved quality of life for both the offender and their family. Treatment also results in a reduction in crime, incarcerations, and hospitalizations, which benefits the individual and the community.

The Mental Health Court program is a 12-month minimum program for misdemeanor cases and an 18-month minimum program for felony cases. The program involves extensive mental health evaluation and treatment plans, and each participant is required to attend all scheduled mental health appointments, counseling sessions, group sessions, and take medications regularly as prescribed. Additionally, participants are required to submit to random drug screens at least two times per week and are also required to attend court sessions twice per month with the Honorable Superior Court Judge Nina Markette Baker, to review progress in Mental Health Court. There is no cost to participate in the Mental Health Court program.

Participants in Mental Health Court must reside in Troup County; must be charged with a crime in Troup County, or be on probation in Troup County; must be diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness; and the criminal charges must be related to the participant’s mental illness. Participant eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Mental Health Court Team. Pursuant to OCGA 15-1-16 (b)(3), defendants charged with murder, armed robbery, rape, aggravated sodomy, aggravated sexual battery, aggravated child molestation, or child molestation will be excluded.

***To apply for participation in Mental Health Court, complete the attached application and return it to Jasmine Johnson at or fax to +706 883 2169. You can reach Jasmine Johnson at +706 883 2165.***