DUI/Drug Court

The DUI/Drug Court program, a program offered by the Troup County Accountability Court, is intended to promote a safer community by identifying non-violent substance abuse offenders, providing necessary treatment, and helping them successfully complete a judicially-supervised treatment program.

The program strives to provide drug and alcohol counseling, relieve overcrowding in jails, reduce medical costs for Troup County law enforcement agencies, reduce recidivism, collect fines and fees for the court, and allows the participant the chance to heal and thrive in the community by practicing sobriety. The program also assists participants with obtaining a driver’s license, securing gainful employment, and continuing education.

Participants receive drug and alcohol treatment, provided by local, specially trained counselors and are responsible for the cost of their counseling sessions. All participants must also attend at least two self-help meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), each week. In addition to treatment, participants appear before the Honorable State Court Judge Jeannette Little every other week for a progress hearing and submit to random drug and alcohol testing. Community service obligations must be completed and fines must be paid in order to advance through the program.

It should be known that participants cannot avoid punishment for DUIs and other crimes by participating in DUI/Drug Court; however, those who choose to participate in the program may receive minimum jail sentences and fines so that they can begin to focus on their recovery as soon as possible.

***To apply for participation in DUI/Drug Court, complete the attached application and return it to Jasmine Johnson at jajohnson@troupcountyga.gov or fax to +706 883 2169. You can reach Jasmine Johnson at +706 883 2165.***