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County offices will be closing today at 4:00 p.m. due to possible inclement weather event. We expect roads to freeze over the weekend and are advising everyone not to drive.

Public Notices:

2016 Property Tax Increase

Millage Rate 5 Year History

Schedule of Projects with SPLOST 2016

Open Meetings

The Troup County Board of Commissioners is considering nominations for the following boards and committees:
  1. Animal Control Board (Must be a Veterinarian)
  2. Appeals Board / Subdivisions & Road Specifications
  3. Board of Health
  4. Building Board of Adjustments & Appeals
  5. Keep Troup Beautiful
  6. Region 6 Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council
  7. Three Rivers Regional Commission
  8. Troup County Board of Zoning Appeals & Planning Commission
  9. Troup County Development Authority
  10. Troup County Library Board
  11. Troup County Water Review Board

Persons interested in being considered for appointment are encouraged to apply by completing the form on the Troup County website (troupcountyga.org/Committees.html) and specifying the board or committee for which you wish to be considered. If you need more information please contact Valerie West at 706-883-1610.

The Troup County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reappoint current members or to appoint new members. The cutoff date for receiving applications has been extended to December 28, 2016.


This 1.42 mile project located in the city of LaGrange, Troup County consists of widening a two-lane roadway to four lanes with a 20-foot raised median and urban shoulders. It begins at the intersection of SR 1/US 27/Hamilton Road and Auburn Street (MP 14.80), and extends northerly to the intersection of SR 1/US 27/Hamilton Road and US 219/Whitesville Street/Morgan Street (MP 16.22). Extending from Auburn Street to SR 219, the project would complete the last link in the multilaning of the heavily traveled SR 1/US 27 corridor from I-85 south of LaGrange to near Waugh Road north of LaGrange. The corridor provides a much needed north-south multilane facility through a growing urban area.

Refer to the following resources:

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Display (2 of 2)
Historic Preservation Plan – Brochure
GDOT project website
GDOT handout and comment form

FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE SALEM ROAD BRIDGE VISIT: http://www.troupcountyga.org/salemrdbridge.html

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Outdoor Burning Permits & Regulations

Phone Numbers to Report Illegal Burning

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Child Care in Georgia (GA) Resources '877.ALL.GA.KIDS' Quality Care for Children

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Georgia's Export/Import Highway

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Facts About Property Tax

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Georgia Flood Maps have changed – Know Your Risk

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New Rules for Agriculture Production and for more information, please visit www.agr.georgia.gov

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